Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Film slate announcement for 2012!

Ok it is now officially summer and I have 4 months off until I return to uni. These are films I curently have in development and would like to shoot this summer. The first, Vampiric Tendencies was an idea by Jay who wrote a dialogue between the two protagonists, I pushed him to aid me in developing this further into a short film and we along with Jac have been working on this for about 2 months now. The Friend is based on issues of romantic complications of which I wrote an 8 page script for a screen-writing unit on my course, I am redrafting the screenplay and I hope to shoot it by the end of August. And the final film, Eddie's House came to me after working on Where I Live and after re-watching the trailer (1) for ParaNorman.

Vampiric Tendencies
Director: Adam Bloom - Writer: Jay Righelato - Starring: Jay Righelato, Adam Bloom and Jacqueline Renouard. 
Two men on opposite sides of the supernatural world, one a vampire; the other a slayer. Both dealing with their depleting humanity. Told in part through flashback, they have a spoken face-off at a bar leading to the inevitable climax.
The Friend 
Director: Hannah More - Writer: Adam Bloom - Starring: Adam Bloom 
The story of two ex-lovers stumbling through their feelings for each other.
Eddie's House 
Director/Writer: Adam Bloom 
A misunderstood 17 year-old comes home after seeing his friends. Lost in his imagination and frustration, he creates a world of teenage fantasy in an attempt to make some sort of sense from his dull family life.

These ideas are in order of what is furthest in development and what is likely to be in shooting order. Hopefully at least two of these films will be completed by the end of the year. I will leak further information for each project the nearer we come to filming. And I will continue to update the blog with teasers and more film-related fun! Now it's out there, there is no turning back. Watch this space...

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